If you are an existing, soon-to-be-launched cafe or f&b outlet, we’d be happy to assist you in your coffee (and allied drinks) programme. From helping you decide on which variants of our coffee beans could complement the rest of your menu, to helping suggest what kind of brewing methods would best suit your customer profile, we’re happy to help. We have an easy-to-use online ordering system for our partner cafes, and for years, we’ve been sending our coffees to cafes, bars and restaurants across the country (and abroad) in our easy-to-store, business-to-business packs. We also help small, medium and large sized offices/workspaces, co-working spaces, hospitals, etc. design their coffee offering.


For the boutique and luxury hotel segment, we have some truly customisable options, including creating personalised blends, co-branded in-room-single-serve coffee solutions, coffee pods/capsules for Nespresso (TM) compatible machines, co-branded retail packs, etc. Talk to us to find out how we can help you with your coffee-beverage programme and create a truly artisan farm-to-cup coffee experience for your guests.


Do get in touch with us if you have an event planned and would like to put some thought into what’s being offered to your guests/visitors. We’ll help you design tailor-made menus for the event. After our brewing team works with you on setting the menu, our team of skilled baristas will ensure the smooth functioning of the coffee stall/service at your event. Our experience includes handling VVIP bespoke ‘high-coffees’ for 8 people, to running coffee counters at an event that had a cumulative footfall of 1.2 lakh people. International sport events, literary festivals, music festivals, tech talks and conferences, design conferences… we’ve done it all.


While we are available at a lot of gourmet stores, upmarket retail chains, International airports (duty-free), domestic airports etc., we’re happy to partner with any store (or F&B outlet that has a retail plan) with a customer base that appreciates non-mass-produced, non-commercialised coffee. Do get in touch with us to discover the depth of our retail offering.


Nothing excites us more than carefully putting together a gift box comprising of our coffees, merchandise and other allied products. We’re flexible and our design team is on the ball. Get in touch with us nice and early and we’ll help you impress your employees/partners/customers etc. Apart from actual coffee and coffee products, you could also consider gifting workshops, coffee brewing/cupping sessions, coffee appreciation programmes, etc.