Our aim is to empower the coffee farmers that we partner with through various projects and initiatives. We are firm believers in trading fairly for a more equitable and just world, that’s why we work with our partners to ensure the farmers get the best possible price for their quality coffee beans.

Dark Tusk is determined to increase efficiencies in the global coffee supply chain all aimed at making the lives of coffee producers better each day and delivering quality, innovative and ethically sourced roasted coffee to coffee consumers globally but specifically in Africa.

To create shared value, we focus on the needs of coffee producers, identification of existing opportunities at producer level and linking this to the needs of coffee consumers globally and opportunities within the coffee supply and value chain. All the while keeping our operations at Dark Tusk ethical and responsible.


At Dark Tusk, we believe in a sustainable and an equitable world to make a difference and ensure future generations have a better world to live in. We work with our partners to ensure the farmers get the best possible price for their quality coffee beans and we allocate 2% of our profits to Corporate Social Responsibility programs in Mauritius.

Following are some of the initiatives in collaboration with our partners that have benefited the farms where we source our coffee from


Kenyan coffee is considered one of the best and finest Arabica coffee in the world. Farmers in the cooperative in Nyeri where we source our coffee have been trained better cultivation methods to increase the yield per tree without spending more money on inputs.

At the same time, they have implemented traceability systems in the cooperative. The overall result has been amazing and members have tripled their annual income during the project.


Following the genocide in 1994 It was important to bring the company back on track. But as a newly established coffee industry, much of the coffee has been selling at prices below production costs, and as a result the farmers are losing their money.

In the cooperative where we source our Rwandan coffee, they decided to end this trend through hard work, training of their members and upgrading heir processing methods. This led to higher quality and better price for coffee. Today the cooperative is able to help pay tuition fee for their members’ children and to provide health insurance to its members a benefit that usually is enjoyed by the wealthiest part of the population only.


Ethiopia is known to be the birthplace of coffee, the Sidama coffee is one of the coffees that do not require much introduction. It is known and loved across the world for its mild, pleasant and flowery flavours. At the cooperative where we source our Ethiopian coffee, they use the part of the profit generated from the coffee that we are buying to finance their local schools and scholarship program and we support this initiative.

We strongly believe that education and knowledge is the best foundation for the next generation of the coffee farmers to build their future.